Getting blocked more often on Twitter?

Are you finding out some people, you’ve never chatted with, have blocked you? My next article will cover why that is happening.


Grant R. Vousden-Dishington Knows So Much That Isn’t So

Grant @usethespacebar says he could use a few simple programming languages to trace IP addresses from Tweets.

I challenged Grant to post my IP on Twitter. He weaseled out and said it was a TOS violation. Even though I gave him immunity, he weaseled out. I said it would take social engineering to grab someone’s IP from Twitter. I challenged him to prove me wrong. I’m still waiting.

Well, Grant. You can post my IP address here or you can continue to be a weasel. Your move.

Grant R. Vousden-Dishington
Grant R. Vousden-Dishington

Don’t keep me waiting.