FoxNews Latino

FoxNews Latino

I’m wondering why Foxnews is pandering to Hispanics. FoxNews Latino is not written in Spanish. It’s written in English. That means it’s nothing more than pandering to one ethnicity. How does the main story on FoxNews Latino relate to Hispanics when it’s about Mike Brown, the thug who bum rushed an officer in Ferguson, MO, attempting to murder him after a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, who is not Hispanic? The racist, thug-loving blacks, backed by George Soros were paying tribute to their dead thug homey with teddy bears to mark the anniversary of his death, which has saved others from his terror.

What’s the point, Foxnews? Where is Foxnews Italia, Foxnews Deutsch, Fouxnews Britain, Foxnews Canuck, Eh?


Rick Perry’s Campaign Goes All Volunteer

Rick Perry’s campaign is essentially over. He has $17m in PAC money but he doesn’t have anything in his logistics coffers and it’s an all volunteer army now. The end can be counted in days if not hours now. I guess not being able to voice your message is key and giving instate tuition to illegals is still fresh in people’s minds.

Tip for Mr. Perry. If you don’t have a message, it doesn’t matter how well you argue with the front runner. You look desperate to take him down, not build yourself up. That’s not a recipe for success.

There are many ways to succeed. One way to be successful is to find someone who is successful and do what they do. The other is to surround yourself with successful people to do it for you. Mr. Perry did neither. He chose to follow the GOP establishment playbook and attack Donald Trump using an angry tone. That’s like being attacked by a chihuahua. One swift kick and the fight is over.

When Rick Perry chose to abandon his campaign to fight Donald Trump, Trump punted. Unfortunately, Rick Perry was the football. See ya’!

Three More States End Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood

In wake of the newly released Center for Medical Progress videos showing Planned Parenthood authorities discussing procedural modifications and the sale of fetal body parts/organs for profit, Alabama, Louisiana, and New Hampshire join Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas who also prohibit state funds going to any facility that performs abortions.

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