Erick Erickson’s Defense of Disinviting Donald Trump to Speak at RedState

Erick Erickson says he’s a Conservative but his actions and words scream otherwise. In a free speech society, when blindsided by Foxnews at their biased “debates”, Donald Trump fires back and all of a sudden Foxnews has to circle the wagons. Megan Kelly, who doesn’t hide her hate for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz says she can handle it, so Foxnews, shut it and let her handle it.

Foxnews is in bed with the GOP elite. The only people who like Jebthro Bush are Foxnews, the GOP elite and Jebthro himself. The “debates” were a farce. The MSM is known for lying about everything. Foxnews rates the candidates based on national polls which are all MSM polls and we’re supposed to believe they’re honest? Foxnews IS part of the MSM.

The 9pm debate poisoned the well from the start by asking a 2-part question that only related to Donald Trump. “Raise your hand if you are not willing to admit to supporting the GOP nominee and will not run as a 3rd party candidate.” Of course, it only relates to Trump because the question has been thrown out there and posed to him by just about everyone. That was pathetic. It was a Liberal attack designed to set a negative tone by Foxnews against Donald Trump from the start.

Chris Wallace attacked Trump indirectly by trying to get Bush and Rubio to speak out against Trump. Wallace looked like the fool he is when they both ignored the bait. Chris Wallace is Chris Matthews with 1/2 a brain. Chris Matthews is Chris Matthews with no brain.

Foxnews doesn’t get it. Rupert Murdoch is about money. Controversy and sex sell on the tube and he exploits it better than any other.

Erick, if Megan can’t take the heat she should stay at home and bake cookies. Your disinviting Trump makes YOU look foolish, shallow, weak and most of all, Liberal. If you can’t handle words, move to the left where you belong. You’re not like any Conservative I’ve even known. All the Conservatives I know, are…Conservative.

Erick Failing in His Attempt to Look Conservative


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