Carly Fiorina: Women Understood What Trump’s Comments Meant

Carly Fiorina, you just lost my vote. I could never vote for someone who takes advantage of a bogus issue for political gain. That’s dishonest and if you’re not honest, you’re nothing. It calls into question everything else you utter. Hyperbole gets you nowhere. Since when did you become the spokeswoman for all women?

Megan Kelly and the Foxnews debate was a farce. The classification of who’s in first, etc. was based on MSM polls when every day Foxnews reports and proves how dishonest the MSM is. Granted, it’s a lot of candidates. Make the event longer. You got 24m viewers. You made out like a thief in the night and you used it all to attack Donald Trump and try to promote the GOP establishment. You tried to cause infighting. First the “who will not commit” was designed to hurt Trump from the very beginning of the debate to set a negative tone against him. Then your first question is in re: to a reality show that has nothing to do with policy. Then Chris Wallace tries to get other candidates to attack Trump. Everyone I have spoken to, die hard Conservatives who love Foxnews, said it was sham. An, in your face, attack on the one person not controlled by CPAC money and the GOP elite. Have you even asked yourself why there are so many candidates running who clearly have no chance of winning? It’s to try to control the primary so Donald doesn’t get the nod. Everybody knows. Their actions are so transparent and it’s sickening. Do they have no shame?

Trying to capitalize on a fraud makes you look weak and desperate. I’m not a fan of weak and desperate. Like when HP bought out Compaq, when most of your investors voted against it. It destroyed the computer industry. It was a “look what we did” moment just like after Compaq kicked out Rod Canion and then bought out DEC for $9b. Compaq wanted on their resume that they purchased one of the original networks in the computer industry. That was an expensive penis contest where nobody else was competing.

I was asked at an Exchange conference before HP decided to try to destroy themselves, “What do you think about the HP/Compaq merger?” I said, “I think it’s a sham.” They asked why. I said, “HP makes good printers.” They asked, “What do you think about HP computers?” I repeated, “HP makes great printers.”

Why does Dell spank HP all the time? Dell basically sucks at all levels except two. They market crap for a decent price. They setup their website so support all but assures the idiots at Dell are not involved to get support. If you have to call Dell, it’s as bad as HP or worse. You’re talking to someone who learned English as a 2nd language, in a country, with a different culture and you think that is a benefit and helps your bottom line. It doesn’t. It makes everyone want to throat punch the asshole who moved support outside the US for an “alleged” US-based company. It screams “we don’t care about our customers, as long as we get some type of euphoria from the assumed benefit to our bottom line by screwing people we’ve taken money from.”

With that type of mentality, why should anyone vote for you? What support could we expect and what else would you export outside the US, only this time, for everyone in the US, not just HP suckers?

Article at Carly Fiorina: Women Understood What Trump’s Comments Meant


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