FoxNews Latino

FoxNews Latino

I’m wondering why Foxnews is pandering to Hispanics. FoxNews Latino is not written in Spanish. It’s written in English. That means it’s nothing more than pandering to one ethnicity. How does the main story on FoxNews Latino relate to Hispanics when it’s about Mike Brown, the thug who bum rushed an officer in Ferguson, MO, attempting to murder him after a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, who is not Hispanic? The racist, thug-loving blacks, backed by George Soros were paying tribute to their dead thug homey with teddy bears to mark the anniversary of his death, which has saved others from his terror.

What’s the point, Foxnews? Where is Foxnews Italia, Foxnews Deutsch, Fouxnews Britain, Foxnews Canuck, Eh?



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