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Related to Benghazi terror attacks 9.11.2012

Trey Gowdy Just Got 925 Emails Related to Benghazi From the FBI

Trey Gowdy Just Got What He Was Looking for in 925 Hillary Emails the FBI Recovered

hillary deletes email

hillary delete delete delete

hillarys emails
HIllary’s emails are so funny! ahahahahahahahahaha


Journalism in America

Journalism in America

English: Jay Carney, American journalist

Jay Carney (#JayCarnivalBarker) has one job, and that is to run cover for the “President.” His entire life revolves around turning the truth into an ethereal concept that is difficult to decipher, impossible to conceive for the masses, so that Mr. Obama can continue to break the law, hide his intent, and trample on the Constitution.

Judge Jeanine on Benghazi

Judge Jeanine on Benghazi

The twelve minute video that could make Jay Carney curl up in the fetal position –

Benghazi Poll


Why did the Obama administration and Hillary’s State Dept sacrifice 4 Americans in Benghazi? <~~click link for poll