John Boehner Announces Resignation

John Boehner announced he is leaving Congress at the end of Oct.  When Marco Rubio announced this at the Value Voters’ Summit, the room erupted in cheers.

John Boehner says, “When you’re Speaker of the House, your number one responsibility is to the institution.”

Sorry, John. That’s the problem. Your number one responsibility is to We the people. You’re doing it wrong.

Boehner’s resignation sparks jockeying to be speaker

This is what Senator Ted Cruz said about John Boehner’s exit.

“I will say the early reports are discouraging if it is correct that the speaker before he resigns has cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi to fund the Obama administration for the rest of his tenure,” Cruz told reporters. “To fund Obamacare, to fund executive amnesty, to fund Planned Parenthood, to fund implementation of this Iran deal and then presumably to land a cushy K Street job after joining the Democrats to implement all of President Obama’s priorities.”


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